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CoolClear TechPack

CoolClear TechPack

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Introducing the CoolClear TechPack, a large transparent PVC backpack designed to accommodate your 15.6-inch laptop and provide ample storage for all your school essentials. With its multi-pocket design, this backpack offers versatile organization options to keep your belongings easily accessible and well-protected. The transparent PVC material adds a modern and stylish touch, while ensuring visibility for security checkpoints and compliance with school regulations. Stay organized and showcase your tech in style with the CoolClear TechPack.
  • Large transparent PVC backpack for 15.6-inch laptops.
  • Multi-pocket design for versatile organization.
  • Modern and stylish transparent PVC material.
  • Easy visibility for security checkpoints.
  • Compliant with school regulations.
  • Ample storage for school essentials.
  • Keep belongings easily accessible and well-protected.
  • Showcase your tech in style.
  • Stay organized with the CoolClear TechPack.
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  • Secure!

    "With the CTrueBags transparent stadium-approved bag, I feel secure knowing my belongings are easily visible and complying with event regulations. It's sturdy and provides peace of mind during concerts and sports games." - Lily

  • Versatile!

    "The CTrueBags clear tote handbag is my go-to for everyday use. It's versatile, allowing me to pair it with different outfits and carry all my essentials. Love its functionality!" - Olivia

  • Customer Service!

    "I had an excellent experience with CTrueBags customer service team. They were prompt, friendly, and resolved my query promptly. It's refreshing to encounter such great support. Thank you, CoolSchool!" - Ava